Meet Chris Bizub


Chris Bizub - The District PHX

Acquisition Representative

“Growing up in Buffalo, NY I was fortunate to be surrounded by amazing Historic homes and buildings. Names such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Edward B. Green Sr. were a big influence on our city landscape throughout the 19th century. I always had great respect for these innovators and the craftsmanship that went into the homes and buildings they created. When I moved to Phoenix nine years ago I was blown away by the historic architecture, design, neighborhoods and especially the people. I am proud to call Phoenix home.

As an investor I am always looking to develop further and learn from the best. Partnering with The District PHX has provided this opportunity and more. As a team we focus on building relationships; this is done by being involved and actively listening to the community. Our professional yet laid back approach is truly what sets us apart from other groups like us. With a passion for revitalizing neighborhoods and giving back to the community, The District PHX is dedicated to putting people first and business second.”

“I am glad to have partners at The District PHX, who agree that in order to bring something new to any industry, it’s necessary to do things differently. We plan on being here for a long time, and it shows in everything we do.”