Meet Denis Belusic


Denis Belusic, Acquisition Representative

Acquisition Representative

“As an experienced Realtor, I have been actively working in Phoenix area real estate for over 13 years. I was a branch manager for two previous companies, and served as a Mentor for new associates. My real estate proficiency encompasses all facets of residential real estate including traditional, short sale, foreclosure, rehab & restoration, fix & flip, acquisition and wholesale.

Transitioning to a unique group like The District PHX will allow me to work for a company without limitations or restrictions. The edgy, creative, forward trending culture within The District PHX offers a positive and professional alternative to the typical ‘cookie cutter’ real estate companies. I truly believe you are a product of your environment; therefore I proudly say “I am The District PHX”.

“Representing the client in a real estate transaction takes patience, persistence, and poise. I believe that the home selling & buying process begins from the initial moment I meet my perspective client. My duty and responsibility is to offer them an ethical, educational, and exciting experience. I work aggressively for my clients and I know that ‘Perseverance Equals Results’. Establishing and understanding a client’s needs is most critical to the business relationship. This has always been the primary focus of my career, which has translated into tremendous success. I truly enjoy the practice of real estate, and expect that my passion is clearly evident.”