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Welcome to one of our new constructions, 738 East Palmaire here in Phoenix, Arizona! This neighborhood has been here since the mid-century and we really wanted to respect the aesthetic and significance of the homes that are already here. We wanted to bring a very modern touch and we chose to use a large Arcadia style door at the front of the home to make a statement. There’s led lighting throughout the entire home that can be used in a variety of ways to set the tone or mood you want. As you walk into the kitchen, you’ll immediately notice this huge 21ft quartz Island flanked by high end Thermador in the kitchen as well.

As you continue to walk through the home, the use of custom-built cabinets throughout the space becomes apparent. All the cabinets in the home, including the bathrooms, are floating. Stepping into the master bath, you can’t help but notice the infinity edge drain, the water literally drains into the wall and disappears next to a massive over-sized tub with an led back-lit mirror. We really strive to carry on with the theme of making things simple, yet functional, and being very intentional with where your eyes are drawn to in the space. This home was a really exciting project because it allowed us to have a blank canvas, we were able to take a house and a lot and start fresh and build something into a beautiful Phoenix neighborhood. It gives something back to this neighborhood and to the people who purchase this home that is uniquely theirs. I believe this home will be something that the neighbors and the community will enjoy for years to come.


We are here to help homeowners who need or want to sell their home quickly, regardless of the reason. At the same time, we help your neighbors protect their most important asset, their home, by revitalizing or rebuilding your property completely in harmony with the existing neighborhood.


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