Real Estate Advisor

“My passion is helping my clients achieve their financial goals through real estate. Whether it be building a long term portfolio with single and multi family investments or getting into the fix and flip game, I love selling homes and putting deals together. My strong suit is selling to buyers; I have a long track record of high volume sales annually and that is my true passion. Putting together deals for buyers and sellers is very exciting for me.

The District PHX is the ideal environment for me because it is a fast paced environment and the deals are exactly what my clients are looking for. Off-market pricing, aggressive and looking towards the future. I have built a portfolio of buyers looking for great deals and I myself am a buyer so I can easily sell product that I would personally buy. I believe in the company and the product that we are pursuing.”

“I am glad to have partners at The District PHX, who agree that in order to bring something new to any industry, it’s necessary to do things differently. We plan on being here for a long time, and it shows in everything we do.”