Meet Brandon Jennings

Real Estate Advisors
I was in the aviation industry for almost 10 years prior to joining The District Phx. I started as an aircraft mechanic, then worked my way up to an aircraft maintenance controller which is why I moved to Phoenix back in February 2018. I'm originally from Detroit, MI, famously known as The Motor City. Detroit is where I learned what work ethic means. My mother worked late nights in the health care industry to provide for my younger sister and I.  I started working around the age of 10, cutting grass, shoveling snow, and selling candy to kids in school. Iv'e always had an entrepreneurial spirit but it laid dormant ever since I started in the work field as an adult. I decided to make a change and start doing things that I love, and inspire me. Since my passions are architecture, everything HGTV, business, and people, I stepped out on faith and found The District Phx online. I drove to their office seeking an opportunity to help them on a common goal we share. Helping people through real estate, and the rest is what they call history.