Madison Hallock - The District PHX

Acquisition Representative

“I am the daughter and grand-daughter of realtors. Every house I grew up in was in various states of construction. I appreciate historic architecture and love working on remodels. I am the one to call if you want constant communication, attention to detail, and a smooth transaction.

My passion is for everything Central Phoenix. I love Phoenix because it is one of the most beautiful, artistic, creative, and affordable cities in the U.S. There is an old adage that people get into real estate because they love people and they love houses, and I am no exception. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a neighborhood restored, a neat remodel project, or a community improved.

From the minute I started at The District PHX, I understood why I felt so unfulfilled with traditional real estate. I enjoy the fast paced environment, the community, and the opportunities that The District PHX can offer. I finally feel like I am in the right place!”

The District Phx has allowed me to be in the driver’s seat with my schedule and my clients. I am excited for the new opportunities I get each day!