The District PHX represents the collaboration between neighbors and investors to restore, improve and revitalize the charm of Phoenix neighborhoods.


The DISTRICT PHX is a real estate company focused on buying residential property throughout the mature neighborhoods of central Phoenix.


We are here to help homeowners who need or want to sell their home quickly, regardless of the reason. At the same time, we help your neighbors protect their most important asset, their home, by revitalizing or rebuilding your property completely in harmony with the existing neighborhood.


  • Experience buying and redeveloping similar properties since 2004
  • Purchase is AS-IS, no request for repairs
  • You pick the closing date
  • Cash closing, no financing or appraisal issues
  • Ability to close in as little as three days
  • No commissions or closing costs to be paid by Seller

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738 E Palmaire

4302 N 20th St

921 E Cambridge

4216 N 19th St

5745 N 10th St

2330 N 8th St


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Andrea Merican


Brett Borinstein


Gerrit Hillebrand


Chad Vice


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Hallie Flood


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The District PHX has done hundreds of these deals and we can put all of that experience to work for you. We can ensure that your transaction is a mutually beneficial closing for both parties, ultimately creating a successful and lasting legacy that is gratifying for everyone.

Everyone that I’ve worked with at The District, beginning with Gerrit and then Joe and you too Andrea, plus the contractors and designers who have visited Windsor Ave twice to walk through have been nothing but kind, thorough and respectful. When I encounter a business with employees that have such amazing “people skills” it makes me want to be a better person myself.

Denise P. | Windsor Ave 85006

The process of selling my home was one of the easiest things I have done. I asked what I thought was a fair price, I received it, and the process took off. Within 3 weeks I was in my new home, the old one gone and all paperwork done. I would do it again.

Lee D. | Rancho Lane / Mayfair Manor 85014

Hi Joe- Just want to let you and Andy know that I had the best experience with you guys when selling my house. Every thing was done professionally and as promised. Thank you so much.

E. Wong | Palm Lane / Coronado 85006

Working with Joe and Andy on the sale of our house was surprisingly simple. We worked out a price for the sale of our home which included no repairs required on the house, they paid closing fees and there was no agent commission. An added bonus was that they made a deal with us on post procession so that we had some time after closing to locate our new home. If looking to sell your house and not spend time and money to do repairs, I recommend contacting The District Phx.

Missy | 10th Street / Marlen Grove 85014

Thank you Andy for responding to my phone call about this listing and for submitting the offer. It is a huge relief for my dear friends of 47 years. It will be good to put all of this behind them so they may concentrate on getting better health wise.

Anna Marsolo | Designated Broker 85028

That was an amazing renovation! Thank you for coming in and respecting the charm and the craftsmanship but still adding such a beautiful point of view with a great modern touch.

Wylie Carhartt | Coronado Resident 85006

Stunning! Great attention to detail & respective for the historic charm. We’re lucky to have your work in our ‘hood!

Pamela Stone Vozza | Coronado Resident 85006

Chad was very professional and caring to do the best for both the company and myself.  In a field where there are lots of shady characters, Chad was a true professional.  I never felt pressured or like I was receiving a sales pitch. Everyone I dealt with was very professional and efficient.  That’s what I look for in a vendor, and being that I answered a piece of direct mail I really didn’t know what to expect. I was very satisfied with my experience.

Andrew Esposito | Phoenix Resident 85020

I love my house too 🙂 had to have it the minute I walked into it. It is the perfect home for my son and I. You are not just transforming historic dwellings into a hot commodity…you are creating homes

Sandey | Phoenix Resident