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Have questions about our Lock and Move and Unlock and Stay programs?

To learn more about how these different ways to sell your house work, see common questions on our FAQs page.  

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Can I really take advantage of my home equity and stay in the house?

Yes! With our Unlock and Stay program, you can unlock your equity and stay in your home. We purchase your house from you and then we enter into a rental agreement. The District will manage the property, so we will be by your side from your first call to us until the move-out day you select — whether that is two months or five years. Learn more about our Unlock and Stay program.

Can I access home equity with bad credit?

Yes! When you’ve not been able to refinance your mortgage or need to access the money you’ve invested in your house, your credit score may not be the best. We understand that. We also understand that accessing your home equity may be the right solution to get you to a bright future, so we’ve designed our programs to be available regardless of your credit score.

Is it hard to qualify for your program?

We understand that you might have some recent credit struggles that could affect your buying power or your renting capabilities. We prefer to take the approach of understanding where you were, and what this capital infusion for you will do for your financial future, helping you get back on your feet.